Dogs at Sandpiper

Dogs are very welcome here at Sandpiper.  Here are some guidelines that will help everyone have a great time.

Please keep your dogs off the furniture and beds - additional cleaning fees may apply.  In the event of an accident, please use the paper towels or the dog towels provided to get rid of as much of the mess as possible.  Come and see us if there's a problem you can't fix. Please consider our other guests & curtail any excessive barking.

Prior to your check-in we will place a wooden gate across the entrance to the rear deck on your cottage, so your pooch can also sit outside & enjoy the views! However, dogs are not to run free on the property.
Our own dogs are kept inside the house or in our dog run.
We have a wide range of animal life (including our free ranging chooks) that might tempt even the best trained dog to run off.
Please keep your dog with you at all times, & when taking them out, use a lead.
Please clean up after your dog.  We have plenty of plastic bags in case you run out.

At the Beach
Dogs are allowed to run free on the beach at Sandpiper at all times of the year.  Please keep them out of the dunes though, as we have ground nesting birds up there. 
See the map below for a list of the dog regulations in the Bicheno area. Sandpiper is right in the middle of the green "Zone 2" area. 

If you go north (left) towards the Denison River, dogs should be on a lead for 100 metres each side of the river.   They are not allowed in the river from 1 Dec to 1 Mar.

Heading south towards the lagoon, dogs are allowed off leash for 800 metres down as far as the public access path. There is a sign demarcating the end of the dog free zone.
Please take some poo bags with you.
Dogs are not permitted at all near the lagoon as this is a very sensitive breeding area for a number of endangered birds.
We have plenty of old towels for drying off your dog, so please don't use the guest towels.

Going Out?
Please do not leave your dog behind if you go out.  Be aware though, that they're also not permitted inside any National Parks (even in the car).  Please come and see us to discuss possible dog-sitting arrangements!

We have tiger snakes around during the warmer months, usually October to March.  The nearest vet is 45 minutes away at St Helens (6376 1577), so bites are often fatal.  It's especially important that you don't let your dog run free on the property during these times.

Mouse baits.  There are mouse baits in the cupboard behind the hot water service.  Please don't let your dog in there.

We hope you and your furry friends enjoy your stay.

John, Annette, Jasper, Jack & Barley